The agribusiness growth agency

The agribusiness growth agency

We design and deliver strategic PR and digital marketing campaigns for the most ambitious companies in agriculture and horticulture to drive business growth.

To achieve your growth ambitions you need skilled marketing and communications professionals that bring big brand strategies and big results to companies operating in the agricultural space.

We are serious, straight-talking, and transparent with decades of unrivalled large digital agency and national media experience. We provide results-driven, strategic PR and digital marketing.

Areas of expertise

Our services

Full service PR and marketing with a suite of services designed to deliver results.


Media relations

Grabbing headlines in quality publications is still one of the most powerful ways to get your business noticed and, as former journalists, we have the experience and contacts to make sure you get the coverage you need to build your brand.

From press releases and case studies to technical articles and opinion pieces, we will craft the content you need to attract new customers, influence stakeholders and shape the future of farming.

Media training

Securing interviews with target publications and media outlets is another key strand of our PR approach and we offer a comprehensive range of training programmes to ensure agribusiness leaders are prepared and professional when facing journalists or the public.

From one-on-one TV interviews to speaking in front of large audiences, we can provide practical training experiences to help you get the right messages across, deal with difficult questions effortlessly make sure you and your brand shine under the spotlight.

Crisis communications

A crisis can hit a company at any time and you need someone you can rely on to defend your brand when the unthinkable happens. We have a wealth of experience in supporting brands through a crisis and can provide robust emergency plans and carefully crafted messaging to help you navigate the storm.

It is crucial you respond in the right way during a crisis and we can provide instant, 24/7 support if required, along with a range of training and development programmes to help you prepare for a future crisis. Regardless of the challenge you face, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with Red Stag Media.


Expert positioning

We create content campaigns that will make you THE voice of authority in your sector. By showcasing your knowledge and expertise through carefully crafted pieces of content, we will ensure your brand is trusted and respected by customers.

Our results-driven, keyword focussed approach ensures your brand will dominate search engine results and help to showcase your solutions to customers who are seeking to overcome key challenges. By sharing your insights, we can develop strong and lasting relationships with your customers.

Full funnel

The most effective content campaigns don’t just focus on the keywords at the bottom of the sales funnel where customers are ready to convert, but target each stage of the sales funnel to help take customers on a journey and build a relationship with your brand.

We help to develop strategic pieces of content that will attract potential customers at the very top of the funnel with enquiries about an initial problem before then supporting them with new pieces of content adding more detail and support and, crucially, taking them through to a sale.


Great content campaigns go beyond blog posts on your website. Great content can be utilised across multiple platforms and across multiple content mediums, from written pieces to video, podcasts to infographics. We work to maximise the value of every piece of content, ensuring its power can be harnessed at every level of your marketing.

Our multi-channel content strategies are highly targeted and this can be hugely effective in raising brand awareness and connecting with new customers. Crucially, this approach is also highly measurable, and can be tailored to meet multiple KPIs in-line with your business objectives.



We are experts in SEO strategy, technical SEO, content creation, and link acquisition. Using industry-leading knowledge and tools, we are able to unpick the success of your competitors, find keyword gaps they’re not filling and take your organic search traffic and revenue to the next level.

We benchmark and analyse data relentlessly to ensure that your share of voice grows over time and that organic search becomes a profitable channel for your business.

Paid media

From paid search to display advertising, sponsored email to influencer campaigns, we will put together a programme of activity to get your brand and message in front of the most qualified farming audiences.

We build, manage, and optimise campaigns across all the major online platforms and work with our contacts in the agricultural media to secure the best digital advertising opportunities.

Social media

We run a lot of paid social campaigns for our clients as well as helping them to build their organic following across multiple platforms. Our knowledge of agriculture enables us to put social content together which engages farming audiences at the right time, with the right tone of voice.

Multi-platform paid social campaigns feature in many of our digital strategies for clients and are a key part of any lead generation or brand/product awareness campaign.



Good photography goes beyond shutter speed, ISO, and having the best equipment available to capture the sharpest of images – these things are a given. What makes an image great is the vision of the photographer and the work invested to achieve the ultimate shot.

Whether it’s product photography of a new range of products or on-farm at dusk capturing the essence of British farming, we can be trusted to wow you with the results.

Graphic design

Great design is needed for the vast majority of the campaigns we run. From simple iconography to brochure and magazine design, our designers create amazing looking graphics to wow your current and future customers.

We also help our clients with full rebranding projects which we manage from concept to the delivery of all new brand assets and brand guidelines.

Web design

Good web design is critical to the success of any digital marketing campaign. A website needs to deliver an unrivalled user experience whilst being conversion focussed for it to help achieve the objectives of the campaign.

All of our website designs are completely bespoke and put together within brand guidelines. We also design other types of digital assets including landing pages for lead generation campaigns and email templates for email marketing purposes.

All of this is brought to life by our developers who take the designs and build high-performing web properties that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your marketing tech stack.


Promotional videos

Short promotional videos are a great way to explain your product or service in a way that suits your brand – whether that be aspirational in style and tone or more educational to get across the key benefits of your offering.

We have access to actors, voiceover artists, props, locations, studio time, and anything else required to show off your product or service to your key audience segments.

Case study videos

Social proof is a key part of selling any product or service but in agriculture, it’s vital. Farmers listen to farmers more than they do brands or businesses trying to sell them products.

We help you to work with your most loyal advocates to tell other farmers the value your product or service adds to their farming operation.


Long-form video

Sometimes, a 60 second video doesn’t cut it. You might have a story you wish to tell in more detail and would like to include additional elements to educate your prospective customers in a way that isn’t possible with short-form video.

We will work with you to develop the story, plan the viewers journey, source locations and talent, and then film and edit the production. An end-to-end solution from concept to delivery.

We only work with the ambitious

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  • “As part of a large international agri business entering the UK market, we wanted to gain more exposure with businesses and farm customers alike. The plan that was devised and put in place with both editorials, and advertising really hit what we needed and was a great success. I would recommend Nick and his team to anyone.”
    Jonathan Job | Chief Commercial Officer, Duynie Group
  • “The Red Stag team combine an in-depth understanding of, and obvious passion for, agriculture, as well as extensive PR and marketing skills, and great media contacts. They have consistently delivered regular, high quality media coverage for the projects we run across the national agricultural media and wider news media, including BBC TV. I can thoroughly recommend working with Red Stag Media.”
    Steve Cann | Director, Future Food Solutions
  • “Not only has the activity produced great results but they’re a breeze to work with. They’re down to earth, talk in language that we’re able to understand, are willing to listen, and most importantly do everything they say they’re going to do with no empty promises.”
    Mark Sacker | Managing Director, Birch Solutions

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Meet Nick

Managing Director

A former journalist, Nick started his career writing about country matters for titles such as The Countryman’s Weekly, The Field, and much loved Yorkshire magazine, the Dalesman. He then moved on to become a staff writer on weekly newspapers, ascending the ranks to become the business editor of one of the UK’s biggest-selling regional daily titles.

Nick grew up on the edge of the North York Moors in a family of livestock farmers and founded Red Stag Media in 2016 due to his passion for agriculture.