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Bought up on the South Downs, Dan maintains his passion for hiking and dog-walking in his adoptive Yorkshire. He often bolts off on a Friday for an impromptu camping trip with his daughter and dog and returns with a ton of breathtaking photos and many tales of getting lost and the resulting serendipitous discoveries. An avid fan of Instagram, Dan is behind the popular @dogwalkdiaries

Unlocking the power of Facebook for your food business – part 1

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Facebook is the perfect precision marketing tool for your food business and is capable of delivering a high volume of potential customers to your website. Unlocking its power gives you access to the most advanced targeting system in marketing and advertising. The cost is very low (literally a few pence per result) and [...]

Sell your food products while you’re sleeping with e-commerce

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So you've built your food business from the ground up, you tour the farmers markets and food shows, and your products are stocked in some retail outlets. You are doing well, but you have a nagging sense that you've hit a plateau. You've got your food brand up and running, so where to [...]

5 reasons why your video marketing failed

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In less than three minutes, our creative director Dan talks through five of the most common reasons why video marketing sometimes fail and also outlines what you can do differently to get better results. Video transcription Hi there. I’m Dan and I’m very passionate about video marketing. I talk to a lot of businesses about [...]

Why your business needs video marketing

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If you've clicked through for this video, then I’m guessing your company falls into one of two categories.  Either you are curious about video marketing, having not done any before OR, maybe, your company has tried video before and it’s not quite worked out. If that’s you, don’t worry - video marketing is definitely worth [...]

Digital is great, but sometimes print is what you need

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We love digital at Red Stag Media. In fact, a lot of our time is taken up with creating engaging online content and looking at new ways to make that travel further. There is no doubting the impact digital has had on communications over recent years, but that doesn’t mean everything offline is dead, as [...]

Let the Red Tractor take you on a journey of food discovery

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It's Red Tractor Week and so our minds are focused on what it means to eat British and buy British in 2016. At Red Stag Media, we are all about good food – one look at our physiques will tell you that – and as we specialise in providing digital marketing, PR and communications services to [...]

Why video is perfect to market your shoot

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A great deal of the pleasure derived from game shooting comes from the surroundings we are lucky enough to find ourselves in. The British countryside has everything; craggy fells and dales, heather moorland, Constable-esque rolling farmland and vast expanses of wilderness. Whatever landscape takes your fancy, you will find it on this sceptred isle. And it [...]

Shooting has great story to tell – let’s be proactive in telling it

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August has been a mixed bag for UK shooting, news-wise. As we have written about before on this blog, grouse shooting could be in danger of becoming the new foxhunting as the Glorious 12th is now an annual feature for most news channels in the way the opening meet has been for years. The antis do [...]

How social media marketing can grow your business

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It’s been a long while since anyone described social media as “a flash in the pan” and the importance of social media marketing and management is now generally accepted. However, it’s easy to tell apart the companies and brands who understand the true value social media brings and those who haven’t quite twigged yet. The aims [...]

What we can learn from gunmakers on Instagram

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Unless you’ve just got back from a five-year trip to Mars, you’ll know that the social platform de jour is the seemingly unstoppable Instagram. The number of IG registered users currently stands at 300 million, with 60 million photos being shared each day. It offers all the best bits of Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and [...]