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Time to reflect as shooting season draws to a close

As another shooting season draws to a close, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on the months just passed and those that lie ahead. Personally, it has been my least successful shooting season to date. With family and work commitments taking precedence, pre-season practice was all but non-existent and this, unsurprisingly, translated into a poor performance in the [...]

How to get the most from the summer show season

With scores of businesses heading to Ragley Hall this weekend for the Game Fair, the summer show season is well underway. And with partners desperately looking to find some way of entertaining their holiday kids which doesn't involved Fortnite, trade stalls can expect a bumper turnout. As a small business, you’re investing both time and money into attending such shows, [...]

Thoughts on Welsh Labour and Game Shooting

Until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t given Welsh Labour a great deal of consideration. There was little reason to, I don’t live in Wales for a start, and I don’t share their political ideals. But when they decided to ignore all the evidence of Natural Resources Wales (NRW) review into the use of firearms on the land [...]

How to get the best from a micro-marketing budget

Ask Us Anything #2 In this video we discuss the best way to get the best results from a small marketing budget. We're doing a series of videos answering your questions about PR and marketing. So feel free to ask us any questions you have - it could be something super practical about [...]

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What is PR and is it just b*******?

Ask Us Anything #1 We're doing a series of videos answering your questions about PR and marketing, starting with the big one - what exactly is PR and is it just b*******? So let us know if you have a question about anything related to PR and marketing - it could be something [...]

K Fresh case study: documenting change as major egg producer goes free range

K Fresh has been producing eggs for UK consumers for more than 50 years and supplies some of the country’s biggest retailers. To keep ahead of consumer demands and the needs of major retailers, the East Yorkshire business is in the process of moving from enriched colony egg production to free range production. As part of this change, K [...]

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10 ways to tackle the trolls and why your business needs a troll action plan

We’ve written about tackling online trolls before, but with the rise of militant veganism showing no signs of abating, we thought it was a topic worth revisiting. Anyone involved in the animal and land-based industries is a potential target for activists, and every week seems to bring more headlines about direct action, intimidation and violent protest. Whereas these abuses [...]

Even if you’re a marketing manager with an in-house team, an agency can still add value

At Red Stag Media we work with all sizes of company, from start-ups and microbusinesses to PLCs, and they all have their unique requirements and challenges. Often, for smaller business, we constitute their entire PR and marketing department, formulating and delivering their strategy as they usually don’t have the budget to employ any in-house expertise. For medium-sized and larger [...]

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How small businesses and start-ups can get the most from a PR and marketing agency

The old saying “professionals rely on professionals” is never more true than when it’s applied to outsourcing PR and marketing. Done badly or half-heartedly, PR and marketing will just add bloated content fodder to your channels as well as cost to your bottom line. Done well, your PR and marketing will add genuine value for your prospective clients, it [...]