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Facebook makes drastic changes to the News Feed that WILL impact on your brand page

Facebook is making a major change to the News Feed that will show users more content from friends and family and less from brand and company pages. In last night’s announcement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that, as a result, he expects that people will spend less time on Facebook. This change could have huge implications for your company’s Facebook [...]

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The truth about the Facebook ‘explore’ feed panic and how it effects you

It came to light recently that Facebook has been running some tests on what it called its “explore” feed, and that sent social media managers everywhere into a mass panic. In a nutshell, the "explore' feed currently sits at the bottom of your menu and features content from pages you don't follow. Facebook curates that content based on other [...]

How to reach farmers who aren’t on social media

We had an interesting enquiry recently from a company in the agricultural machinery sector. The company is young and innovative, and is naturally active online. It achieves decent engagement from younger farmers via social media. But they came to us concerned their efforts weren’t reaching the decision makers – the more mature farmers who are often in charge of the [...]

How farmers use social media and how to target them

If your agribusiness serves farmers, then you need to understand how they use social media to maximise the effectiveness of any of your campaigns. But how many farmers use social media? Well, that depends on what you read. There are lots of stats out there and they vary widely, so establishing an accurate picture is difficult. Estimates range from [...]

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Red Stag MD to Give Insight into Effective Copywriting

Nick Glaves, MD of Red Stag Media, will discuss effective copywriting at a seminar in October. Called Adaptive Copywriting, the interactive session will look at tailoring your copy to different platforms, to maximise the impact of your writing. Nick has 20 years’ experience in journalism and PR and has written for a host of national magazines and newspapers. In his [...]

Unlocking the power of Facebook for your food business – part 2

As we covered in part 1, Facebook marketing is an incredibly powerful and precise tool for your agriculture or food business. It can deliver a high volume of relevant potential customers to your website or landing page at a very low cost. In part 2, we are going to jump straight back in – so if you [...]

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Unlocking the power of Facebook for your food business – part 1

Facebook is the perfect precision marketing tool for your food business and is capable of delivering a high volume of potential customers to your website. Unlocking its power gives you access to the most advanced targeting system in marketing and advertising. The cost is very low (literally a few pence per result) and the returns are potentially [...]

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Sell your food products while you’re sleeping with e-commerce

So you've built your food business from the ground up, you tour the farmers markets and food shows, and your products are stocked in some retail outlets. You are doing well, but you have a nagging sense that you've hit a plateau. You've got your food brand up and running, so where to next? How do you [...]

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5 reasons why your video marketing failed

In less than three minutes, our creative director Dan talks through five of the most common reasons why video marketing sometimes fail and also outlines what you can do differently to get better results. Video transcription Hi there. I’m Dan and I’m very passionate about video marketing. I talk to a lot of businesses about video and same reply [...]

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