Red Stag MD to Give Insight into Effective Copywriting

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Nick Glaves, MD of Red Stag Media, will discuss effective copywriting at a seminar in October. Called Adaptive Copywriting, the interactive session will look at tailoring your copy to different platforms, to maximise the impact of your writing. Nick has 20 years’ experience in journalism and PR and has written for a host of national magazines [...]

Grouse debate a lesson in selecting your audience

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One of the fundamental principles of PR is to choose your audience wisely. Above the line marketing is all well and good if you have the budget for it and your product or service demands such an approach, but most companies need to target a specific audience to get the best returns. For this, you must [...]

Milking trends to make your content go further

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The other day I was reading a book on marketing which was fascinating for all the wrong reasons. There was a section on utilising trending topics on social media to make your content travel further, which being our bag rather, I hastily turned to. The author used the example of a marketing manager in charge of [...]

How social media marketing can grow your business

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It’s been a long while since anyone described social media as “a flash in the pan” and the importance of social media marketing and management is now generally accepted. However, it’s easy to tell apart the companies and brands who understand the true value social media brings and those who haven’t quite twigged yet. The aims [...]

What we can learn from gunmakers on Instagram

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Unless you’ve just got back from a five-year trip to Mars, you’ll know that the social platform de jour is the seemingly unstoppable Instagram. The number of IG registered users currently stands at 300 million, with 60 million photos being shared each day. It offers all the best bits of Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and [...]