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Crisis management PR

Crisis management PR

As a company we have chosen to work in sectors that can sometimes be controversial. Agriculture agribusiness, land use, planning, and certainly country sports, all have their detractors keen on stirring up controversy. But they are industries we are passionate about and ones we want to play our part in defending.

How we handle ourselves in a crisis speaks volumes about who we are and what we are about. When a company has a bad day it’s vital that the people within it do the right thing and are seen to do the right thing. But where do you turn when journalists are jamming the phone lines and photographers crowd outside your office door waiting for a photo?

It is situations like this where Red Stag Media excels because at one time we were those journalists and photographers. We are experts at helping companies deal with events that have the potential to adversely affect their reputation. The best place to start is always a robust emergency plan – and that plan needs a PR component. We have helped many companies shape their crisis management plans, so relax, take a deep breath and give us a call on 01430 478553 or email Nick.


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