13 UK Farming TikTok Accounts Agribusinesses Should be Following in 2024

Antony Smith
6 months ago

13 UK Farming TikTok Accounts Agribusinesses Should be Following in 2024

In 2024 TikTok is far from being a ‘new’ platform and is being used by people young and old to digest content and be entertained in their down time.

However, for many agribusinesses, it can still feel like a daunting and intimidating platform with a steep learning curve in comparison to the channels they have traditionally used.

If you’re not quite ready to launch your own TikTok channel, the best place to start is to use it as a research tool to understand the real-life challenges farmers are facing on a daily basis.

TikTok in agriculture

The number of farmers active on TikTok has risen exponentially over the past few years. Currently there are approximately 50,000 farmers worldwide on the channel. Not all of them are posting their own content, but the vast number that are offer a valuable window into the day-to-day lives of farmers across every sector of agriculture.
Through using a mixture of humour and authenticity in their content, farmers are sparking conversations amongst other farmers and the general public about issues such as climate change and problems in the food supply chain. This offers valuable insight for agribusinesses and an opportunity to tailor messaging and position products to address what is being communicated on TikTok.

Criteria for selection

When curating our list of top UK farming TikTok accounts we followed a strict criterion in order to select the accounts that were most valuable to agribusinesses. Our criteria considered:

Content Quality

The overall quality of content posted by the accounts, considering factors such as production, clarity of information, and visual appeal.

Average Views

The average number of views gained by videos across the account to determine the level of engagement from their audience.

Relevance to Agribusiness

Ensuring the content posted by the accounts aligns with the interests and needs of the agribusiness sector, focussing on topics and trends such as agricultural practices, industry concerns, technology, innovation, and trends.


The authenticity and credibility of the accounts, focussing on creators that demonstrate a genuine connection to the agricultural community.

Our top picks

To get you started we’ve put together our top 13 UK farming accounts that will give you a broad insight into agriculture in the UK. There are a few well known faces in there and some you may not have come across before, together they provide a comprehensive picture of the daily challenges farmers face.

Following: 49.2K
@farmstockofficial has amassed a healthy following on TikTok by using humour to address some of the big issues farmers face. In his ‘British Farming’s Christmas Advert 2023’ he uses his platform to challenge the public’s perception that supermarkets truly care about farmers and wants to offer a more authentic reflection of farmers at Christmas time, mainly to be paid fairly for the food they produce.

Following: 7194
@daily.doseofdairy is one of the smaller accounts to make our list, however, they offer one of the most authentic representations of what daily life looks like for dairy farmers in the UK.

Following: 83.1K
@mogri_agri combines modern music, artistic drone shots and clever video production to produce content that provides a visually appealing look at daily life on their farm that will likely appeal to younger users on the platform.

Following: 87.1K
@tom_agri provides similar content to @mogri_agri using modern music and video production to produce engaging and amusing videos. However, @tom_agri also regularly reviews different pieces of machinery from around the farm giving manufacturers an authentic opinion of the equipment farmers use.

Following: 67.2K
@farmer.ejd offers a mixture of farming and lifestyle related content showing what life is like and providing inspiration for young women involved in agriculture.

Following: 99.9K
@british_shepherdess offers a look at life on farm and also gives an insight into actively trying to sell the meat they produce on farm. This means that a lot of the content takes on a Q&A format to help the public understand how the meat is produced. This helps to highlight the challenges that farmers face, not only when producing products, but also in communicating with and educating the general public.

Following: 160.6K
@missfarming offers another insight into farming life from the perspective of young women with the added intrigue of a show jumping calf!

Following: 55.7K
@joeseels flies the flag for farmers in Yorkshire and across the nation with a candid look at daily farming life. The raw video production helps to convey a high level of authenticity for viewers.

Following: 98.8K
@charlotteashleyfarm mixes total transparency with a touch of humour to show what life is like on their farm in Cumbria. Her is to break down the disconnect between the public and farming and encourage the farming community to open up.

Following: 310.9K
Potential the best-known account on our list, @official_grassmen followed up the success of their ‘Grassmen TV’ channel on YouTube with a TikTok channel that offers a mix of high quality video and candid behind-the-scenes looks at their HQ.

Following: 4786
@tom_farm_life is another successful YouTube creator who has turned his hand to the short format world of TikTok. In 2022 Tom won the Farming Hero: Flying the Flag for British Agriculture for his candid portrayal of farming life through the power of digital and social media.

Following: 30.8K
@farmtheoryni offers a unique cross between a deep insight into farming life and coding advice. @farmtheoryni often challenges some of the common misconceptions that consumers have about farming and food production and interviews non-farming members of his own family to get their take on issues such as Red Tractor.

Following: 19.6K
@farmer_ted_official provides engaging content for anyone interested in farmer and a good beard! Beard aside, @farmer_ted_official is a great advocate for getting young people into farming and addressing mental health issues within agriculture.


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