Cutting Through The Noise: How Agribusinesses Can Get Their Stories Heard

Antony Smith
8 months ago
Getting Your Voice Heard Woman with Megaphone

Cutting Through The Noise – How Agribusinesses Can Get Their Stories Heard

One of the best things about working in the agribusiness sector is the range of marketing options available to companies to support their growth plans.

Most industries have their trade shows and expos, but no other sector does shows like agri – huge celebrations, often in blazing summer sunshine, where the biggest, shiniest bits of kits and cutting-edge innovations sit hand in hand with the beer tent and hog roast.

Print is still very strong in agri too, with the flagship titles attracting lots of readers, making advertising and PR a valuable investment in reaching a qualified audience.

And then there is digital. Digital marketing might have lagged in agribusiness compared to other sectors, but it is beginning to come to the fore. We have been spearheading the revolution in digital transformation for some time, bringing knowledge and expertise gleaned from the world’s most competitive online sectors to agri, to help our clients dominate the digital space.

But with all these options open to you, how do you choose which one is right for your business? After all, the scattergun approach, where you do a little bit of everything, is likely to be costly and ineffective.

This will be a hot topic of discussion at the Agribusiness Growth Conference, which is taking place on October 19th at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

In a panel session entitled Getting Your Voice Heard, delegates will hear from a top agri journalist with the Farmers Weekly, a PR expert from Red Stag Media, and an in-house marketing manager from a leading agribusiness on how to cut through the noise and get your stories heard.

The session is aimed at marketing professionals, company directors and owner-managers wanting to ensure they are making the most of their marketing spend.

It is one in several sessions that will take place at the conference; others include a State of the Nation address by Farmers Weekly editor Andrew Meredith, a farmers’ panel which will enable delegates to fully understand how farmers prefer to be marketed to, a session on growing sales, and a keynote speaker from a fast-growing agribusiness.

Nick Glaves, Managing Director of Red Stag Media, said the conference was aimed at helping agribusinesses develop a deeper understanding of how their key customers engage with their brand and using this knowledge to fuel growth.

Nick said: “As an agency that is embedded in the agribusiness sector, we want to see the industry prosper by ensuring it is serving its core customer base – farmers – as well as they possibly can.

“As the agricultural landscape rapidly evolves, agribusinesses need to understand how that impacts on them, how they continue to support their customers, and how they can continue to grow in a period of uncertainty.

“By creating the Agribusiness Growth Conference, we want to bring together some of the industry’s top minds to share their views on how the sector moves forward.

“A huge part of this is cutting through the noise to ensure farmers understand how your products and services solve their problems and make their lives’ easier, and the Getting Your Voice Heard session will explore ways of addressing that challenge.”

Attending the Agribusiness Growth Conference is free. To find out more about it, or to register to attend, click here.


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