Marketing Digest: June 2023

Antony Smith
11 months ago
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Red Stag Media Marketing Digest: June 2023

Welcome to the first monthly marketing digest from Red Stag Media. These digests will take you through some of the biggest updates in the world of marketing over the past month and how you could take advantage of them for your agribusiness.

The last month has seen some big changes from tech giants which could have a huge impact on brands from an advertising perspective. These changes could also begin to completely reshape the online customer experience, so it’s important that brands stay ahead of the curve.

Here are our top five picks from the last month:

1. Is AI taking over Google Search?

By this point you will be aware of AI and some of the incredible advantages it can provide marketing professionals. You might even be using the likes of ChatGPT to aid with aspects of your work (and you may or may not be honest with your boss about that). So, how will AI be used in the world of search?

You may have seen the new Bing app launched by Microsoft which embraces the power of ChatGPT and allows users to interact with search in a chat style format. This is ground-breaking and surely all search engines will look to follow suit, right?

Well, it looks like Google has decided to take a different approach. Google has chosen to place AI in the most valuable real estate on the internet: it’s existing search results. Instead of adopting the chat format, Google has decided to stick with what its users know and love. Search queries will still produce the standard results we see now but a few seconds later a ‘Generative AI’ box will appear giving more detailed recommendations based on the query.

Google AI search results

This could be viewed as a small step compared to the leaps being made by Microsoft and ChatGPT. However, this will change how billions of people access information on the internet. It’s worth considering how you develop your agribusiness product descriptions and content so that Google views you as a valuable source to answer relevant queries.

You can read more about Google’s use of AI here:

2. Meta announce targeted advertising on Instagram

Meta announced on May 24 that they would now allow ads to appear in Instagram search results via the Instagram Marketing API. This came soon after TikTok’s announcement that they would be slowly rolling out search ads to marketeers, so it looks like Meta have pounced on the opportunity to get in there first.

The new ads will appear in the feeds which are shown when a user taps into a post in Instagram’s search results. The system will work in a similar way to Google search advertising where marketeers can target search terms that fit with their brand. This will allow your agribusiness to target those who are actively seeking products or content rather than just showing a passive interest on the app. Ultimately, this could pave the way for a much higher conversion rate from the platform, and not before time!

You can find out more here:

3. Is there a new Meta app coming?

Sticking with Meta for the moment, it looks like there may be a new platform on the horizon. Meta is currently working on a new decentralised app, codenamed P92. Again, this comes soon after Twitter announced their move to create a new platform of a similar nature – you might be noticing a pattern here. This might be Meta trying to stay ahead of the curve (or it might just be Zukerberg’s insecurities, who knows?).

The app will be a place where creators and public figures can share timely text updates about their interests. The app would be easily accessible for existing Meta users too, as they will be able to use their current log-in details to gain access. Although the project is in it’s early stages, it could provide fresh hope for brands in terms of organic content. If the app is decentralised, it will allow users to create their own servers and choose how the content is moderated. Fingers crossed we hear more about this project soon.

4. New Google Ad requirements for UK and EU

Just got over the change to GA4? No, me neither. Well, if that wasn’t enough, Google have decided to unleash another update to get your head around. In the last couple of weeks Google has announced that it will be bringing in new requirements for advertisers serving ads in the UK and Europe.

The updates are focussed on Consent Management Platforms (CMPs), part of the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF). The new CMP requirements have come because of evolving user expectations and regulatory factors involving online consent.

Google’s new requirements mean that, in the second half of 2023, any advertiser who uses Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager or AdMob will have to use a Google-certified CMP when serving ads in the UK or Europe. Google is set to provide a list of Google-certified CMPs that meet the TCF’s specifications in the next few weeks. Once the list is released, be sure to check what you are currently using and update it if necessary.

You can read more about it here:

5. TikTok launches PulsePremiere –

And finally, let’s talk about TikTok.

“We should do a TikTok” has always been viewed by traditional marketeers as a bit of a cliché thrown around by directors and energetic new starters in meetings. However, there is no escaping that, as a new generation of customer comes of age, they bring with them a new way of digesting content.

And now, with the launch of PulsePremiere, TikTok may become a viable option for marketeers to effectively reach their younger audience. The new development gives advertisers control and predictability to place ads directly after content from premium publishers on TikTok’s For You feed. This means you can get in front of the right people at a time when they are most engaged. According to TikTok, 73% of people feel a deeper connection to brands they interact with on the platform and 93% of users take action on content they see in the For You feed. Staggering numbers!

Before you dive in, there is one BIG thing to remember. TikTok is where users go to be entertained. This adds a whole new hurdle and will mean you need to switch up the content you create. Not only do you have to address a pain point your customer is experiencing, but you also need to do it in an entertaining way (easy, right?).

Find out more here:


That’s a wrap on our June marketing digest. If you would like to chat through any of these topics in more detail or find out how your brand could take advantage of some of the latest developments you can email me on and I’d be happy to help.



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