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Photography: commercial, editorial, documentary

Photography and video for agriculture

How you present your company or brand to your clients and potential customers is everything – and photography plays a huge part in that. In this increasingly visual age, quality photography will help your company stand out and give you a competitive edge.

Photography is too important to leave to chance. While it’s true to say that technology has made photographers of us all, it is equally true to state that not all photographers are equal. So whether you need an image to accompany a media release, staff portraits, brochure images, or project documenting visually, an experienced creative eye can truly help your brand or company catch the eye of potential clients.

Stock images will get you so far, but by their nature they are generic. To distinguish your brand from competitors, displaying original and unique photography is way to go.

Unlike other agencies who just use freelancers, Red Stag Media has its own in-house photographer in its creative director. Dan isn’t just a decent hobbyist photographer – prior to joining Red Stag, he set up and ran his own photography business ( for a number of years and still owns his own studio.

To have a chat about photography and how it can help your business, call us on  01430 478553 or email Dan.

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