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Planning applications and lobbying

Planning applications and lobbying

Red Stag Media’s team has played a significant role in achieving planning consent for some of the biggest commercial and energy developments in Yorkshire, including the controversial £150m Energy Works renewable power station in the centre of Hull and healthcare giant, RB’s £105m Centre for Scientific Excellence.

We have also worked with a number of house builders, helping them to secure planning consent for residential developments that are often in rural areas on the edge of towns or villages, and so face vocal opposition.

Our public affairs campaigns begin with identifying influential people in local and regional politics, business, residents and the wider community, and other stakeholders. This is followed by a tailored programme of engagement designed to achieve support for our clients’ objectives, and a PR strategy aimed at achieving positive media coverage for the proposed development, highlighting the business, economic, social or cultural case for granting consent.

We provide media training to company directors who are likely to find themselves in front of television cameras, radio microphones or print journalists.

As part of that strategy, we organise public exhibitions to give clients the opportunity to speak directly to stakeholders, as well as lobby elected representatives and we look to engage directly with planning officials to put a clear and compelling case forward for the development.

Mobilising the silent majority

Many controversial developments attract vocal objectors and that can make it appear as if opposition to the scheme is absolute, but this is rarely the case. Often, a loud noise can be made from a few well organised dissenters while the majority of those in favour do not think to register their support.

Red Stag Media devises campaigns aimed at encouraging this silent majority to register their support for a scheme via an orchestrated letter writing campaign or online, because harnessing the power of the silent majority and ensuring their voice is heard, can be the difference between success and failure.

If you’re a business who regularly has to navigate planning procedures and would like support and assistance during that process, then give us a call on 01430 478553 or email Nick. We’d be happy to help.

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