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SEO and how we can use it to build your business

SEO for agriculture and fieldsports

SEO is the art of getting a client’s website to the top of search engine results for relevant search queries.  In essence, if someone is searching for goods and services that your company provides, SEO is how you put your company in front of that potential client at a time when they are in a buying/browsing frame of mind. The digital landscape is always shifting, but the importance of good search engine rankings stays constant because …

  • 80% of all internet sessions start begin with a search engine
  • 80% of users (your potential clients) do not look beyond the first page of results
  • 60% of all clicks following a search go to the first organic result, the number one ranking.

Also, the investment has much more permanence – it’s a strategy that keeps paying dividends. Promotions across social media or advertising online or in print can be very effective, but they have a definite shelf-life and once you stop paying, you stop seeing the benefits.

Red Stag believes that the heart of any successful campaign is keyword research. Using specialist Google tools, we can analyse what words and phrases potential clients are using to search for products and services relevant for your business, sense-check them, and then break down those trends by demographics. We then use that intelligence to form a strategy to ensure your company’s website ranks as best it can for those search terms.

Even if your company supplies a specialised product to a niche market, keyword research can deliver great benefits. With specialised products and niche markets, there is often an assumption about search terms. In our experience, those assumptions are often true – but to a lesser extent than first thought. Keyword research can sense-check those assumptions while, at the same time, discover other avenues. We’ve yet to undertake keyword research for a client that didn’t highlight new opportunities.

At Red Stag, we offer no-nonsense, plain-speaking SEO strategies, and credible, tangible results.  We are certified SEO practitioners and have managed successful SEO campaigns for many clients. We offer a range of options, from just purely keyword research, through to website audits and recommendations, as well as optimised copy-writing and blog strategies. So whatever you need, we can help. If you want an informal chat about how SEO can help your company (without any sales pitch), call 01430 475553 or email Dan.

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