We believe that video should be a fundamental part of any serious PR and marketing campaign. Farmers are time-poor and tend to be very visual – for us, there’s no better content medium to deliver your messaging.

Promotional videos

Short promotional videos are a great way to explain your product or service in a way that suits your brand – whether that be aspirational in style and tone or more educational to get across the key benefits of your offering.

We have access to actors, voiceover artists, props, locations, studio time, and anything else required to show off your product or service to your key audience segments.

Case study videos

Social proof is a key part of selling any product or service but in agriculture, it’s vital. Farmers listen to farmers more than they do brands or businesses trying to sell them products.

We help you to work with your most loyal advocates to tell other farmers the value your product or service adds to their farming operation.


Long-form video

Sometimes, a 60 second video doesn’t cut it. You might have a story you wish to tell in more detail and would like to include additional elements to educate your prospective customers in a way that isn’t possible with short-form video.

We will work with you to develop the story, plan the viewers journey, source locations and talent, and then film and edit the production. An end-to-end solution from concept to delivery.

Our Video Projects

Engage Crop Solutions Global Engagement for Engage Crop Solutions
Stabiliser Cattle Company Complete rebranding project

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