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Social media marketing

Digital marketing for countrysports

Companies need to do social media and need to do it well. But we would say that, wouldn’t we? Whether you are B2B or B2C; whether your company’s interests lie in agribusiness, food and farming, field sports, renewable energy, or land use; and no matter how niche your target market is – a well-run social media presence can deliver very real, tangible results to your bottom line.

At Red Stag, our social media strategies aren’t just about gaining likes, followers, retweets, etc (although they are all very nice) – our primary focus is engagement with your target market. Social media – and the way Red Stag uses it to target potential clients by age, location, and interests – is the perfect precision marketing vehicle for your business.

Red Stag offers a range of social media services – from short-run campaigns and training to full service management. For an informal chat (guaranteed no sales pitch), get in touch with Dan.

There are five key ways we use social media on behalf of clients …

To increase brand awareness

Social media is an excellent way to let people know about your company, products, or services and keep yourself on their radar. It’s great having a website, but that does rely on people visiting it. With social media, we can take your company and put it in front of your target clients.

To build trust

When it comes to legitimising brands and businesses, social media is powerfully effective. Your website shows people your brand exists, good social media marketing demonstrates your brand is active. Social media is also an excellent way to show potential customers that your company is authentic, that it “walks the walk”. That authenticity, that trust, is incredibly powerful at establishing and building brand loyalty.

In our experience, the reverse is also true – poor social media management can harm a company. If there is no activity, potential customers might assume the business is no longer trading. Likewise, if customers post to a profile asking for help and they’re ignored they will – rightly – assume the business has bad customer service.

To increase sales

Red Stag Media recognises your company’s social media activity has to make a difference to your bottom line. Otherwise, why do it? Red Stag can target potential clients (ones that don’t even follow your company) based on demographics and interests. This precision targeting is a hugely powerful way of reaching potential clients with information about special offers, new products, etc.

To provide customer service

Red Stag manages social media profiles for a number of clients and we are experienced at offering a first line of customer service, quickly acknowledging receipt of the query, gathering details and then passing them on to the right person or team. If you have social media profiles set up, customers will use them to get in touch, so your company has to ensure its ability to help people through social media. Being receptive and quick to respond to queries can make a huge difference to brand loyalty.

To distribute and promote content

Red Stag uses social media as a key part in any content strategy. Whether your company is promoting a blog or case study on its site, or video on YouTube, social media is responsible for the vast majority of traffic referrals across the web. It’s a great way of getting your company’s content in front of the right people.

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