What is PR and is it just b*******?

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Ask Us Anything #1 We're doing a series of videos answering your questions about PR and marketing, starting with the big one - what exactly is PR and is it just b*******? So let us know if you have a question about anything related to PR and marketing - [...]

How small businesses and start-ups can get the most from a PR and marketing agency

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The old saying “professionals rely on professionals” is never more true than when it’s applied to outsourcing PR and marketing. Done badly or half-heartedly, PR and marketing will just add bloated content fodder to your channels as well as cost to your bottom line. Done well, your PR and marketing will add genuine value for [...]

Facebook makes drastic changes to the News Feed that WILL impact on your brand page

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Facebook is making a major change to the News Feed that will show users more content from friends and family and less from brand and company pages. In last night’s announcement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that, as a result, he expects that people will spend less time on Facebook. This change could have huge implications [...]

5 reasons why your video marketing failed

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In less than three minutes, our creative director Dan talks through five of the most common reasons why video marketing sometimes fail and also outlines what you can do differently to get better results. Video transcription Hi there. I’m Dan and I’m very passionate about video marketing. I talk to a lot of businesses about [...]

Sweet Emotion

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Christmas is fast approaching. We know this not from the coloured lights that festoon the high streets of every town and city – they’re not up yet – nor from the lavishly decorated Christmas trees that brighten the living rooms of the nation, because they’re still growing in some far off, distant forest. No, we know [...]

Digital is great, but sometimes print is what you need

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We love digital at Red Stag Media. In fact, a lot of our time is taken up with creating engaging online content and looking at new ways to make that travel further. There is no doubting the impact digital has had on communications over recent years, but that doesn’t mean everything offline is dead, as [...]

Shooting has great story to tell – let’s be proactive in telling it

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August has been a mixed bag for UK shooting, news-wise. As we have written about before on this blog, grouse shooting could be in danger of becoming the new foxhunting as the Glorious 12th is now an annual feature for most news channels in the way the opening meet has been for years. The antis do [...]

How we helped get approval for city centre power station

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When civil engineering company Spencer Ltd decided to build a renewable power station near Hull city centre, they needed a comms partner with experience in planning application PR who could ensure essential messages about the development would not be polluted with mistruth or rumour. To avoid this situation developing, we were appointed to manage the public [...]

What we can learn from gunmakers on Instagram

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Unless you’ve just got back from a five-year trip to Mars, you’ll know that the social platform de jour is the seemingly unstoppable Instagram. The number of IG registered users currently stands at 300 million, with 60 million photos being shared each day. It offers all the best bits of Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and [...]

Why pigeon shooting is a lot like marketing

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Marketing is a bit like pigeon shooting. Okay, bear with me on this one - it’s not just an excuse I use when I fancy a day in the hide rather than a day in the office. Although that’s something I often do fancy, sadly, it rarely comes to pass. But I digress. You see, anyone [...]