How to reach farmers who aren’t on social media

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We had an interesting enquiry recently from a company in the agricultural machinery sector. The company is young and innovative, and is naturally active online. It achieves decent engagement from younger farmers via social media. But they came to us concerned their efforts weren’t reaching the decision makers – the more mature farmers who are often [...]

How farmers use social media and how to target them

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If your agribusiness serves farmers, then you need to understand how they use social media to maximise the effectiveness of any of your campaigns. But how many farmers use social media? Well, that depends on what you read. There are lots of stats out there and they vary widely, so establishing an accurate picture is [...]

Nutritious PR for both ends of the food chain – Duynie Group case study

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When Dutch co-products purchaser the Duynie Group entered the British market, the company needed to build its profile quickly to compete with other businesses already established in the sector. The group buys up the co-products resulting from the human food manufacturing and processing industries, such as potato peelings and mashed potato, adds value to them and [...]

Five tips for exhibition stand success

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Having recently returned from the Livestock Event 2016 and the Great Yorkshire Show, it is clear that the there is a huge appetite for exhibitions among the agricultural industry and associated trades. And rightly so, they are one of the most effective ways of promoting your products and services to new and existing customers, and a [...]

UK agriculture: why every producer has a part to play

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One of the things that I find great about UK agriculture is that it’s very inclusive. From allotment dwellers and smallholders to large-scale farms - no matter how big or small one’s operation is - there is a place for everyone and an important part for everyone to play. Every player’s contribution is vital to the [...]

Why we’re launching a rural business – even with all the uncertainty following Brexit

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Launching a company that specialises in working with rural sector businesses in the wake of Brexit could be considered a foolish move. Wherever the leave vote eventually takes us, its first consequence is uncertainty and limbo as some politicians seek to reassure farmers and rural communities their businesses and way of life will be unaffected, while [...]

Rix Petroleum – media relations for the country set

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Like many companies serving the agriculture sector, Rix Petroleum’s annual business cycle is governed by the seasons. The company is one of the UK’s leading independent fuel suppliers serving rural businesses and residents from Scotland down to Essex, ensuring farms are kept running and homes are kept warm. We have been retained by Rix Petroleum for [...]

What makes the Great Yorkshire Show so great

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There are many things great about Yorkshire – Yorkshire Tea, Yorkshire Pudding, the Moors, the Dales, the Wolds, the coast, the list is literally endless. Being unashamedly passionate about country life and all things related - and being a Yorkshire-based business - one of our favourite events is, of course, the Great Yorkshire Show. I know [...]