What is PR and is it just b*******?

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Ask Us Anything #1 We're doing a series of videos answering your questions about PR and marketing, starting with the big one - what exactly is PR and is it just b*******? So let us know if you have a question about anything related to PR and marketing - [...]

How to reach farmers who aren’t on social media

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We had an interesting enquiry recently from a company in the agricultural machinery sector. The company is young and innovative, and is naturally active online. It achieves decent engagement from younger farmers via social media. But they came to us concerned their efforts weren’t reaching the decision makers – the more mature farmers who are often [...]

Grouse debate a lesson in selecting your audience

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One of the fundamental principles of PR is to choose your audience wisely. Above the line marketing is all well and good if you have the budget for it and your product or service demands such an approach, but most companies need to target a specific audience to get the best returns. For this, you must [...]

Shooting has great story to tell – let’s be proactive in telling it

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August has been a mixed bag for UK shooting, news-wise. As we have written about before on this blog, grouse shooting could be in danger of becoming the new foxhunting as the Glorious 12th is now an annual feature for most news channels in the way the opening meet has been for years. The antis do [...]

Nutritious PR for both ends of the food chain – Duynie Group case study

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When Dutch co-products purchaser the Duynie Group entered the British market, the company needed to build its profile quickly to compete with other businesses already established in the sector. The group buys up the co-products resulting from the human food manufacturing and processing industries, such as potato peelings and mashed potato, adds value to them and [...]

Why pigeon shooting is a lot like marketing

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Marketing is a bit like pigeon shooting. Okay, bear with me on this one - it’s not just an excuse I use when I fancy a day in the hide rather than a day in the office. Although that’s something I often do fancy, sadly, it rarely comes to pass. But I digress. You see, anyone [...]

How to market your clay pigeon corporate days

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We all know that clay pigeon corporate days are great for team building and for business networking. And they are a great way for clubs to fill some stands during the week and, of course, attract a few new people to the wonderful world of shooting. As I said – you and me know all that, [...]

Rix Petroleum – media relations for the country set

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Like many companies serving the agriculture sector, Rix Petroleum’s annual business cycle is governed by the seasons. The company is one of the UK’s leading independent fuel suppliers serving rural businesses and residents from Scotland down to Essex, ensuring farms are kept running and homes are kept warm. We have been retained by Rix Petroleum for [...]

A mighty stag is born

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Red Stag Media is a full service agency born out of a deeply held passion for the countryside. It was also born from an equal desire to give those businesses and organisations that operate there, and all those that contribute to making the countryside what it is, a competitive edge through creative content and communications. The [...]