What is PR and is it just b*******?

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Ask Us Anything #1 We're doing a series of videos answering your questions about PR and marketing, starting with the big one - what exactly is PR and is it just b*******? So let us know if you have a question about anything related to PR and marketing - [...]

5 reasons why your video marketing failed

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In less than three minutes, our creative director Dan talks through five of the most common reasons why video marketing sometimes fail and also outlines what you can do differently to get better results. Video transcription Hi there. I’m Dan and I’m very passionate about video marketing. I talk to a lot of businesses about [...]

Why your business needs video marketing

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If you've clicked through for this video, then I’m guessing your company falls into one of two categories.  Either you are curious about video marketing, having not done any before OR, maybe, your company has tried video before and it’s not quite worked out. If that’s you, don’t worry - video marketing is definitely worth [...]

Why video is perfect to market your shoot

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A great deal of the pleasure derived from game shooting comes from the surroundings we are lucky enough to find ourselves in. The British countryside has everything; craggy fells and dales, heather moorland, Constable-esque rolling farmland and vast expanses of wilderness. Whatever landscape takes your fancy, you will find it on this sceptred isle. And it [...]

Customer service, the Swarovski way

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Butterfingers, that’s what my mother used to call me as an assortment of plates, cups and glasses slipped through my hands only to shatter on the kitchen floor. I always maintain it was a deliberate ploy to get out of drying the dishes, that I wasn’t clumsy at all, but a recent fumbling with my new [...]

A mighty stag is born

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Red Stag Media is a full service agency born out of a deeply held passion for the countryside. It was also born from an equal desire to give those businesses and organisations that operate there, and all those that contribute to making the countryside what it is, a competitive edge through creative content and communications. The [...]