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Video production and marketing

Video marketing is one of the most engaging types of storytelling, especially for companies working in the rural economy. As well as really showing potential customers what your brand is all about, it has some very real tangible business benefits.

According to the latest research, using video increases the time people spend on your site by two minutes. Having the word “video” in your email marketing subject line can increase open rates by up to 19%.

Even more important, however, video marketing increases your website’s search ranking. Research by Forrester found that having a video on a web page makes it 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google. How much value can you put on that?

Fundamentally, though, video marketing helps your customers make purchase decisions – whether that’s buying a product or service or buying into your brand.

Video marketing was once seen as an expensive luxury, only affordable by big brands. But thanks to advances in technology, producing a video costs a fraction of what it did a few years ago.

Whether your company is in field sports, agriculture, planning and land use, or renewables, we believe video marketing can really help your business grow.

At Red Stag, we’ll pop in for a chat and get a full understanding of what you want to achieve and discuss how video can help. We’ll go away and come up with a script and a storyboard for you to approve. We will manage the whole project from filming to editing, through to voiceovers or sourcing actors.

To have a chat about video and how it can help your business, call us on 01430 478553 or email Dan

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