What is PR and is it just b*******?

Ask Us Anything #1

We’re doing a series of videos answering your questions about PR and marketing, starting with the big one – what exactly is PR and is it just b*******? So let us know if you have a question about anything related to PR and marketing – it could be something super practical about increasing reach on Facebook, advice on GDPR, or something more strategic. Just leave your question in the comments below, email Dan, or tweet us at @redstagmedia

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Bought up on the South Downs, Dan maintains his passion for hiking and dog-walking in his adoptive Yorkshire. He often bolts off on a Friday for an impromptu camping trip with his daughter and dog and returns with a ton of breathtaking photos and many tales of getting lost and the resulting serendipitous discoveries. An avid fan of Instagram, Dan is behind the popular @dogwalkdiaries

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